In the heart of Europe to Brazil!

Simone Horvatin
Founder and director

At the invitation of the Federation of Industries of the state of Bahia in Brazil, SUPPLYgoGREEN is organizing the event AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL EXPO BAHIA 2017, and it will taking place on 23th to 25 May 2017. The main goal is to hold a high technical and internationally event about environmental technologies available today. 


SUPPLYgoGREEN was created to attend the interests of the Brazilian professionals, companies, industries and institutions those are looking for innovative environmental technologies and sustainability solutions developed in Germany and European countries. 


Our main focus is to promote these technologies for the Brazilian market. One of the reasons tha we have our own portal AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL, an environmental platform running to bring all technologies and services to Brazil. The portal has achieved in first year over 33.000 viewings!